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Bay Windows Vs Bow Windows.

Bay windows are a popular feature on many older period buildings and are still constructed today on many new properties. The look of a bay window can be transformed when fitted properly with new blinds or shutters but where do you start?

What type of bay or bow window is yours?

Bay windows come in many different forms of layout whether it’s a standard 3 window angled bay, a 3 window angled bay with posts or pillars between, a 3 window square bay or even a 4/5 window angled bay there’s a lot of different layouts and angles to consider.

Bow windows are another variant of Bay Windows, the bowed bay type of window, again this could be a 3/4/5 window type, it could be a very wide type bay or it could be a very narrow type.

Then there’s also a L shaped bays consisting of 1 small window at the end and 1 larger window at the front and this is just a small example of the different types available.

So when you ask “can you give me a price quote for blinds or shutters for my bay window” You can see it’s not so simple.  

how to measure bay windows

Getting A Quote For Bay Windows

What Do We Need to Help?

If you have read all the above there’s a lot to take in so we start with the type of layout, then take each section of the bay as individual elements, measure each section as accurately as possible and write them down or even better draw yourself a diagram with each section and measurement next to it. The best way of measuring is usually width x height and if you measure in inches or centimetres it doesn’t really matter we can work out a price from either measurement type. You could also take a picture, a picture speaks a thousand words as they say!

To Blind Or Shutter! That IS The Question!

We need to know the type of blinds or shutters you want.

This will be different for everyone’s own taste and requirements, you may want Venetian blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds or Vertical blinds all of which will look great on bay windows besides also being available in many different colours and styles that really work well within bay windows.

In certain circumstances depending on the type of bow window you have, if you want vertical blinds this type of blind maybe possible to be manufactured using a single bowed track. Eliminating the need to have individual blinds on each window, therefore, giving you a lot easier operation of the blind.

If your preference is window shutters the same theory applies to taking measurements but the look created with shutters is undeniably amazing. There’s a lot of other things to be considered when measuring for shutters on a bay window so we would probably be best to come and measure for you and carry out a full survey.

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Not sure how to measure up to get your Free Quote? you may find are How to measure page helpful. Dont worry if its not 100% correct, we can quote you and will provide a professional measure-up and survey anyway before you order your blinds or shutters to double check and take accurate measurements.

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