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About Cellular Pleated Blinds Blinds

Cellular Pleated Blinds o Thermal Pleated Blinds as sometimes known, have an incredibly energy-efficient design structure of the fabric that traps air passing through helping to stabilize temperatures by reducing the heat in the warmer summer months and the colder drafts in the winter months.

Cellular Pleated Blinds, also known as honeycomb blinds, are durable and look amazing in any room but are particularly used in conservatories were heat regulation can be a problem being highly energy efficient due to this unique honeycomb construction.

Offered in a wide range of beautiful fabrics in different pleat sizes, rich structures, and various transparencies (transparent, semi-transparent, and blackout).

These Cellular Pleated Blinds are bespoke made to measure to your exact requirements and can also be used with the perfect fit blind system to add further style, privacy and energy efficiency.

Inspiring Cellular Pleated HONEYCOMB Blinds

Energy Saving

Thermal helps to reduce cost

Elegant Style

Modern elegant look

Blackout Options

Excellent Light Control

100% Custom

Made To Measure

Cellular Pleated Living Room Blinds

blinds for noise reduction

Cellular pleated blinds go beyond window aesthetics; they are also adept at noise reduction. With their unique honeycomb structure, these blinds create a sound-absorbing barrier, helping to minimize external disturbances. The trapped air within the cellular pockets acts as a natural buffer, absorbing and dampening sound waves effectively. This makes cellular pleated blinds an excellent choice for creating a peaceful and quiet indoor environment. Enhance your living or working space with the dual benefits of style and tranquility, as cellular pleated blinds seamlessly blend design with noise reduction functionality.


Thermal cellular pleated blinds stand at the forefront of energy-efficient window treatments. Crafted with a unique cellular design, these blinds create insulating pockets that effectively reduce heat transfer, providing year-round comfort. In colder seasons, they trap warmth, minimizing heat loss, while in warmer weather, they act as a barrier against external heat. This dual functionality significantly reduces the need for artificial heating or cooling, translating into substantial energy savings. Embrace the perfect synergy of style and sustainability with thermal cellular pleated blinds, offering a smart solution for energy-conscious individuals.

Perfect Fit Pleated Conservatory Blinds
Duette Blinds Smartrise

Smart rise Options Available

SmartRise is a completely cordless system and ultimate in child safety, this cordless push up, pull down system raises and lowers the product with the touch of a finger. Its proprietary design holds the shade securely in any position. SmartRise reduces potential safety hazards, offers more user comfort and a beautifully streamlined appearance.

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Perfect Fit Honeycomb Pleated Energy Saving Blinds
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Optimize your home’s insulation, regulating indoor temperature and reducing reliance on heating or cooling systems. These blinds enhance comfort, conserve energy, and contribute to sustainable living.