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Motorisation and remote control for blinds around your home or office is more popular than ever. With latest improvements in technology, smart controls and rechargeable battery motors, there is now more choice than ever before at affordable prices too!

Electric Remote controlled blinds are the ultimate in luxury and convenience, our electric blinds utilise innovative motorised technology that can be opened or closed at the touch of a button, making them very handy for hard to reach blinds were furniture is in the way or such as those on tall windows, conservatory roofs or over sinks or counters.

Inspiring Electric Motorised Blinds


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Cruse Remote Smart Electric Blinds

Types Of Motorised Blinds

You can choose from a huge variety of motorised blinds in a massive range of styles, designs and finishes. Roller blinds are particularly suitable for motorised blinds, however if you prefer the look or functionality of a different blind style, just take a look at our range of designs and finishes, whether you prefer a vertical blinds, Roman, Venetian, roller or wooden blinds, you can bet we have the perfect motorised electric blind for you!

Another major benefit of motorised blinds is that there are no loose cords or chain so this makes them a great child safe option for any room around your home but particularly children’s bedrooms. The motorised blinds can also be synced to your home smart system giving you greater control of when you want to open or close the blinds which is great for when you are away from home on holiday or late coming home from work!

Electric Roller Blinds

Discover our range of remote-controlled electric roller blinds, providing effortless control via remote, mobile app, or voice assistant. Some models seamlessly integrate with your smart home system for added convenience. Choose from a variety of quiet motors that power hundreds of color choices and patterns, ensuring your electric roller blinds not only function smoothly but also complement your decor perfectly. Experience the ease and versatility of our innovative blinds for your home or office.

Roller Blinds Bedroom Remote Control
Electric Aluminium Blinds Runcorn Halton Cheshire

Electric Venetian Blinds

Electric venetian blinds are a modern way to control light and privacy at home or work. Just press a button to adjust the slats and let in the right amount of light or block it completely for privacy. You can control these blinds with a remote or a switch on the wall.

Electric Velux Roof Blinds

Electric Velux Roof Blinds are innovative window coverings designed specifically for Velux windows, which are popular in many homes. These blinds operate using an electric solor powered motor, allowing for convenient remote control or automation via a smart device.

They offer effortless operation, allowing users to adjust the blinds without manually pulling cords or using a wand. With the touch of a button or through programmed schedules, these blinds smoothly glide open or closed, providing easy light control and privacy.

The electric Velux Blinds come in various styles, including blackout options for enhanced light blocking, making them ideal for bedrooms, home theaters, or Kitchens and extentions that require shade and/or darkness. They can also improve energy efficiency by helping to regulate room temperatures classing them Energy Saving Blinds.

Installation integrates seamlessly with Velux windows, offering a sleek and modern appearance while adding both convenience and functionality to the home environment.

Velux Automatic Electric Roof Blinds

Motorised Smart Blinds

Smart Blinds revolutionize home automation by seamlessly integrating into your smart home ecosystem. Somfy by Cruze empowers homeowners with complete control over their environment. With the Somfy Connectivity Kit, managing your blinds becomes effortless through the dedicated app. This integration not only enhances convenience but also allows for personalized scheduling and automation, creating an intelligent living space tailored to your preferences. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to a more comfortable, efficient, and connected home with Smart Blinds by Somfy and Cruze.

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