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Faux wood blinds are variations of Venetian Binds that replicate the appearance of real wood in the slat while offering distinct advantages. They are made from composite materials, these blinds closely mimic the texture, grain, and finishes of natural wood. Available in various colors and finishes, they seamlessly complement diverse decor styles.

Their standout feature is moisture resistance, ideal for humid areas like bathrooms or kitchens where real wood blinds might warp or crack. Additionally, faux wood blinds boast durability, enduring sunlight and temperature changes better than their natural counterparts. They’re easy to maintain, needing only simple cleaning with a damp cloth or light dusting.

Moreover, these blinds are budget-friendly compared to real wood, making them an attractive choice without compromising aesthetics. They offer effective light control through adjustable slats and provide moderate insulation benefits. Their customizable nature, coming in different slat sizes, ensures a tailored fit for various window shapes and sizes. Faux wood blinds strike a balance between style, durability, and practicality, catering to diverse homeowner preferences and needs.

Faux-wood Venetian blinds look the same as wooden Venetian blinds and are used in the same way using a cord to lower and raise them and another cord on the opposite side to tilt the slats to your desired level of privacy. The polyvinyl pvc material that is used to make up these blinds is more durable than wood, they are easier to keep clean and they are available in a wide range of all the latest colours.

Our Faux-wood Venetian blinds are available in over 30 different colours including the most popular whites and creams and all the latest tones of grey to match with your new flooring and other furniture giving you a lot more options to choose from. There’s also a grained finish to choose from which creates a more natural-looking wood finish.

Faux wood blind slats Colours


Inspiring Faux wood Blinds

Cost Effective Value

Compared to Real Wood

Water Resistant

Moisture and water Repellent

Good Light Filtering

Excellent light control

100% Custom

Made To Measure

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Due to the impervious nature to moisture faux-wood blinds are very popular for bathrooms, kitchens and any room were damp or moisture would otherwise cause a problem. Obviously they also look great on any window and are also becoming a very popular choice for bay windows as they give a similar look too shutter blinds but cost a lot less to buy.

Fauxwood Door blinds

Discover our Fauxwood Door Blinds, available as the fauxwood Venetian range. These blinds offer a made-to-measure fit as we secure them in line with the door frame, snugly aligning with the window. Secured top fixing with pelmet and also a bottom bracket to minimise swing when opening the doors. They are an excellent choice as French Door Blinds.  These blinds are supplied and fitted safely for children, they can also serve as a thermal barrier, potentially reducing heat loss when tilted upwards.

Fauxwood Venetian French Door Blinds
Fauxwood Venetian Perfect Blinds Combo

Venetian Blinds and Perfect Fit

Here we have White Fauxwood Venetian Blinds in combination with a White Aliminium Perfect Fit Venetian Door Blind. This is a great cost-effective combo that offers the best of both worlds in the Venetian Blinds Range.

Fauxwood SlatS and Tape Colours

Fauxwood slats are available in 35mm and 50mm for optimum Lighting and Privacy control. You can even choose to have fabric Tapes fitted over the front of your Blind to conceal the drilled cords and holes in the fabric, giving a much cleaner look. We offer a huge range of colour combinations to choose from.

Grey Faux wood Venetian-Blinds-Runcorn Cheshire Beechwood

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