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ABOUT Panel TRACK Blinds

Panel track blinds are a type of window treatment that falls under the category of vertical blinds. However, they differ significantly in their design and functionality from traditional vertical blinds. Instead of individual vertical slats, panel track blinds consist of large fabric or woven panels that hang vertically and move along a track system. These panels are wider than the narrower slats found in conventional vertical blinds.

The primary distinction lies in their appearance and operation. While both are designed for covering large windows or as sliding door blinds, panel track blinds offer a more contemporary and streamlined look due to their broader panels. They provide a sleeker aesthetic and a more modern feel compared to the traditional vertical blinds.

Panel track blinds slide smoothly along a top-mounted track, stacking neatly behind one another when opened. They offer excellent versatility, allowing for customizable light control, privacy options, and room division. This design makes them suitable not just for covering windows but also as stylish room dividers in open spaces.

So, while panel track blinds belong to the vertical blind category due to their vertical orientation, their distinct design using larger fabric or woven panels sets them apart, offering a more modern and versatile window treatment option.

Panel Blinds, or Panel glides as sometime called, are Inspired by Japanese Soji screens. These Panel Track Shades offer a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds for patio doors and large windows & even spaces creating a divide in a room space.

Panel blinds are divided into panels that sit behind each other when the blind is open to allow sunlight into your room. When closed they overlap slightly to provide total privacy. Especially when designed as a Blackout Blind.

A panel blind is also a great, low cost room divider if you’re interested in sectioning up a space, whether in your home or business. They make are a great alternative to sliding doors between two spaces.

Available in a vast choice of designs, fabrics and colours, panel track shades coordinate beautifully with other categories of blinds and shades.

Inspiring Panel Track Blinds

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Mutliple uses, as a window blind or a fashionable room divider

When closed a complete attractive screen results offering excellent presentation with contemporary style. Effective both as a window blind or room divider.

A panel blind is particularly well suited to cover larger areas of glass or divide a space up in to smaller spaces by acting as a room divider. The panels bunch to either side or can be bunched evenly to either side. The panels can be operated by either a wand or a corded system.

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