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Roller blinds are a sleek and versatile window covering option. They consist of a single piece of fabric that rolls up and down around a casing or tube installed at the top of the window frame. A pull cord or chain mechanism facilitates easy raising and lowering of the blind. These blinds offer simplicity and functionality, providing varying degrees of light control and privacy based on the fabric used—ranging from sheer to blackout materials. They come in a wide array of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing them to suit diverse interior design styles. Roller blinds are popular for their ease of use, space-saving design, and ability to complement modern or minimalist aesthetics.

Your Roller Blinds Will Be Made To Measure and Installed with a left or right-hand operation. Roller blinds have been a popular choice for many years because they are easy to use and maintain, and are highly customisable. whether you want a modern or an urban-styled decor look, a blackout fabric for the bedroom, or a water-resistant fabric for the bathroom or kitchen these windows blinds will suit you.

Inspiring Roller Blinds

No Drill Options

Perfect For Tiled bathrooms

Excellent Blackout

excellent for Light reduction

Waterproof Fabrics

Great For Bathroom/Kitchens

100% Custom

Made To Measure

Runcorn Roller blinds bedroom

Types of Roller Blinds

We offer many types of roller blinds is various materials and with different weights and trims.  Fabric Roller Blinds offer versatility, with materials ranging from polyester to cotton, presenting diverse textures, patterns, and colors. They cater to various light control needs, providing options from sheer to blackout. Blackout Roller Blinds are crafted with specialized materials to eliminate most light from a room.  Blocout Roller Blinds are also a specialised type of roller blind that entirely block out light, commonly used in bedrooms or media rooms for improved sleep or glare reduction. PVC or Vinyl Roller Blinds are perfect for moisture-prone spaces like kitchens or bathroom blinds, being resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Patterned Roller Blinds offer a variety of designs, allowing for personalized and decorative window treatments that complement different interior styles. Double Roller Blinds, known as Day-Night or Vision Blinds, combine two fabrics on a single mechanism, offering unique light control and privacy.

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds are designed for a seamless and hassle-free installation on uPVC windows, especially in conservatories or tilt-and-turn windows. These blinds come with a frame that fits neatly into the window recess without the need for drilling or screwing. The blind’s frame clips into place between the glass and the rubber gasket, providing a snug and integrated appearance. Perfect Fit Roller Blinds minimise light bleed gaps and offer a sleek, streamlined look while allowing easy operation of the window. They come in a variety of fabrics, including blackout and decorative options, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. These blinds are popular for their neat, child and pet-safe function and seamless installation, making them an ideal choice for double-glazed windows.

Red Roller Blinds Liverpool Runcorn Kitchens
Open Cassette Roller from-Louvolite blinds runcorn


We also offer a range of Cassette roller blinds such as the Open Cassette Roller by Louvolite brings a stylish and enduring touch to your home decor. This 40mm cassette comes in seven stunning colors: White, Black, Anthracite Grey, Chrome, Bronze, Beige, and Satin. What sets the Open Cassette apart is its versatility. You can customize the facia section with the same pattern or material as the roller, or choose a plain or contrasting color for added variety. Let your imagination soar as you create the perfect look for your space with the Open Cassette Roller.

No Drill Roller Blinds

On certain windows spaces, such as tiled areas in a kitchen of bathroom we have a revolutionary way to install your blinds. With no need for drills. This clever roller blind system has a special tension clip on the head rail case which allow us to install your roller blind inside the recess of your window without the need for us to use screws or drill holes. Please note these fixtures are great but they are not as sturdy as bracket fixtures or perfect fit frames.

No drill Roller Blinds Cheshire
Rollor blinds Motorised controlled


Choose Motorised roller blinds with an amazing motorised wirelesses option or with a wide choice of pulls, poles, shaped edges, braids and you can even choose one of our casetted roller blinds which have a matching or contrasting valance so you can truly customise your roller blind exactly the way you want it.

Roller blinds are very popular in Conservatories. Many of the roller fabrics can completely block sunlight out, eliminating glare. You can also choose special backings which help regulate temperature, stopping your conservatory from getting too hot.

If your looking for something different why not try one of our digitally printed roller blinds with your very own choice of your favourite image. Whether its your favourite landscape or sunset, a portrait of the children or even your pet the options are endless.

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