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About Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are window coverings made of individual slats that hang vertically from a track at the top of the window. They’re typically made from fabric, vinyl, or plastic. These slats can be adjusted to control the amount of light entering the room or to provide privacy by rotating them open or closed using a chain or a wand mechanism.

Vertical blinds are versatile and come in various colors, textures, and materials, allowing them to complement different interior designs. They’re commonly used in larger windows or sliding glass doors due to their ability to span wide areas. Their functionality, ease of maintenance, and customizable options make them a popular choice for many homes and commercial spaces.

Your Bespoke Vertical Blinds are made to measure and fit almost any window.  They Offer a budget-centric, stylish solution for light and heat control that gives you your privacy.  PVC Vertical Blinds are easy to wipe down for cleaning and all orders are custom-made for your home, office, or retail shop.

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Vertical Blinds

Types of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds come in various types to suit different needs. Fabric vertical blinds offer softness and come in diverse colors and textures. Vinyl blinds are durable, easy to clean, and ideal for high-moisture areas. PVC verticals are cost-effective and sturdy. S-shaped vertical blinds offer a contemporary look with curved slats for better light control. Another form of vertical blinds is known as Panel track blinds, which consist of wider panels, suitable for large windows or room dividers. Each type offers unique features, catering to style preferences, durability, light control, and budget considerations.

Cruze Vertical Blinds Runcorn

What About Headrails?

Vertical Blinds run along a headrail. We offer a variety of headrails to suit all budgets. If you are looking for the best of the best however ask about our Cruze Headrail Vertical System.

Cruze Vertical System

Cruze Vertical System, a pinnacle in vertical system design, combines advanced engineering and luxurious design. Its dual-channel patented design features a sculpted headrail discreetly guiding vanes, with a lightly textured finish in three colors. Offering three operating systems – Direct Drive, Reduction Gear, and wand control, it ensures reduced fabric stacking, minimal light gap, and accelerated production speed.

Vertical Blinds Weights & Chains

In vertical blinds, weights and chains are pivotal for functionality, though options include weightless and sealed weight variations.

Weights: Traditionally, small rectangular weights are affixed to the bottom of each slat, maintaining tension for straight hanging and minimizing excessive movement. However, newer designs offer chainless alternatives or sealed weight options within the slat fabric, ensuring a sleeker appearance while still providing stability.

Chains: These control slat movement and rotation. Attached to each weight, chains facilitate easy adjustment and swing when you maneuver the slats.

Chainless Sealed Vertical Blinds Weights
Vertical Blinds Slats A-Z Blinds Runcorn

Why Choose Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds are Perfect for all types of windows, including sloped and bay windows, long and short as well as offering great options for patio doors blinds and as conservatory blinds. Any large window space works well with vertical blinds.

As blackout blinds for Bedrooms or even shops, offices, factories, and other commercial business premises. Vertical Blind slats can also be taken down and swapped for new replacement slats meaning you can revive and update the look of your blinds without changing the hanging rail.

Rigid PVC Vertical Blinds do not have any bottom weights or chains which means they are a perfect child-safe blinds and pet-friendly option. Especially useful for kitchens and bathrooms due to the impervious nature of moisture, whilst giving you privacy and blackout at the same time!

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