Social Distance Protective Shield Blinds

We are transitioning into new regulations in our workplaces and as we do we’ll need a low cost, easy to fix and use transparent screen which allows staff working in close quarters at desks, behind counters or cash registers to protect themselves against coughs and sneezes and help to prevent the spread of viruses such as Covid-19. 

As an employer you have a legal responsibility to protect workers and others from risk to their health and safety and you are required to do everything reasonably practical to minimise any risk.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic the government set out  this guideline to follow:

  • Use screens or barriers to separate people from each other in cases were the 2 metre distancing was difficult to carry out..

What are Protective Blinds? The Breakdown

  • Our Social Distancing protective blinds use a clear PVC fabric that enables you to create a divider between 2 people.
  • They can be positioned exactly were you need it and can also be retracted fully to the ceiling when not required.
  • These protective PVC Roller blinds are fully transparent,  designed ideally for use between work-stations in offices and call centres for example; to support the practice of social distancing.
  • Protective blinds still allow visual and social contact between employers / customers, providing a physical barrier to the spread of germs.
  • Can be used for a number of locations including:
    • shops, takeaways, bars etc (can be positioned over counters and reception areas / suspended ceilings using the special brackets.
  • Battery powered electric motor option available. Can be raised or lowered by use of the remote control for those blinds that are hard to reach which also eliminates the need for chains to be left hanging throughout the office.
  • Various sizes so you are sure to have an option to fit.

If you require any further information please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

A Social Distance Solution

With social distancing in place and the country under lock down, essential businesses have a duty of care to put into place steps to protect their staff from catching Covid-19.  Rollerscreen provides that extra protection to help control the virus and provide some additional reassurance for customers as well as staff.

Social Distancing COVID-19 Protective Screen

Why Choose PVC Protective Blinds?

  • Physical barrier to germs
  • Maintain visual contact
  • Maintain social contact
  • Fully retractable
  • Can be motorised
  • UV Resistant Clean modern look
  • Easy to clean & disinfect
  • Easy to install / use

Simple to clean!

Rollerscreen is made from a clear plastic film and plastic components which are easy to clean and sanitise with a mixture of mild detergent diluted with water – just make sure you absolutely dry the screens before rolling up.

Easy To Clean Anti-COVID Blind

Easy to use!

The Rollerscreen is operated by a robust plastic wind mechanism with detachable handle which ensures a very smooth blind control. The translucent plastic film is locked into a groove in the barrel, and features a white plastic bottom bar which keeps the screen hanging taut. Unlike other fixed sneeze screens, the Rollerscreen can easily be wound up and left in situ for when it’s next needed.

Easy to Use Covid-19 Protective Shield Blinds
A-Z BLinds COVID-19 Protective Shield Blinds-Guide

1000 mm x 1600 mm

from £189(excluding VAT)*

1500 mm x 1600 mm

from £219 (excluding VAT)*

2000 mm x 1600 mm

from £249(excluding VAT)*

*Sizes are width x drop, other sizes available POA