A-Z Blinds & Shutters offer a Bespoke Made to Measure Window Blinds & Shutters Service. This means your order is custom made before we come to you to perform our expert fitting.


1. Contact

Once the customer has contacted us we can offer you a free quote if you know your measurements or if you are in the Runcorn Area, arrange a date and time to perform an professional measure up consultation appointment (Monday – Saturday 9am - 5pm)

2. Consultation

During the appointment, we go through the different types of blinds and offer advice for that particular window, and let them choose a pattern and fabric that compliments the surroundings of the living space.

3. Quote

Based Your Selection of Blinds and Shutters we calculate the quote with the customer and leave it with you with no obligation pressure or order straight away to offer you the fastest installation.


1. Order & Production

Once we get the go ahead, we make your custom blinds or shutters and get ready for fitting - which usually takes 2-3 weeks on Blinds* and 4-12 weeks on Window Shutters. Some products and fabrics may be faster or perhaps slower based on the supplies. We will clearly tell you the exact expected Leadtime before you order.

2. Read to Book install date

Once we have your order ready to install, we contact you immediately, the sooner you can fit us in to arrange an install date and time the sooner we can complete your window blinds or shutters installing.

3. Installation

We will offer you a time slot to be in ready for us to visit you and install your Blinds and Shutters. We do not offer exact times since some jobs can go faster or slower than expected so we can offer morning or afternoon slots. Once we arrive we work fast, clean up afterwards* and we make sure that the customer is happy with the finished job.

* Please note that we cannot remove the packaging your products are delivered in but we can make it tidy and carry it outside for you if you wish.

Ordering - Here to help With Blinds and Shutters

Contact us via our Free Quote page Or Visit Our Blinds and Shutter Show Room with the info and sizes of blinds and /or shutters that you want for an initial quote.

If you don’t know all the details or require some help  Contact us with your details.

If you’re not sure how to measure for your new blinds or shutters have a look at our Measuring advice page for a free fast quote or give us a call to arrange an appointment.

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