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No matter what you require from your window shutters, here at A-Z Blinds and shutters, we are the local shutter specialists and ready to give you 100% assistance in helping you get the right shutters for you! Whatever the size or shape of your windows you have, We are the experts in Runcorn and Merseyside at negotiating all obstacles and the most difficult and particular of shutter requirements.

A-Z Shutters have a wealth of professional experience in design and fitting window shutters to the highest standards,  whether you already have strong ideas about what you want in terms of either aesthetics or style of shutter, or if you would like a consultation from us in order to arrive at a decision, we’ll make sure that you achieve the perfect window dressing solution for your purposes.

Multi Purpose  Multi Budget Window Shutters!

We have listed our shutters by range, each range offers something that can suit your required lead time, budget and style! You might be pleased to know that getting the look you want  in terms of style is just the beginning, because each style range can be achieved using different materials, each material has qualities or specific variations which basically cater to any budget or situation your are wanting.

Whatever Range you do choose, we’ll do our best to help you get that new shutter that suits your purpose and meets your budget!

All day everyday we are busy talking to our prospective clients about their Shutters. Plus, when we’re not doing this, we’re making your bespoke shutters and fitting them to the highest of standards. Because of this experience and knowledge, we’re confident that we can offer you an unrivalled service for the installation of your brand new shutters. It’s the little touches that matter in a home or business environment and we can help you to make sure that you make the very best choice for your windows.


Shutters Style

The first step in deciding on your perfect shutters is to choose which style you want. Both the Hampton and Nevada Range share almost all the style options you could ever want! There are 3 main Styles of Shutter

1. Full Height Shutters

The most popular style of window shutters. These cover the whole height of the opening, and can have a mid-rail added, providing greater light control.

2. Cafe Style Shutters

Named due to their popularity in cafés and restaurants, café style shutters cover only the bottom part of the window. Cafe style shutters are also very popular on period properties with bay windows and sliding sash windows.

3. Tier on Tier Shutters

If you need full or partial access to your windows, such as for cleaning, or easy opening, then tier-on-tier are the shutters for you.


Bay Window Shutters

Bay Window shutters, although not technically an official Shutter style, we have included this to help you describe what you want. Both Hampton and Nevada Shutter ranges offer special bay frames, or individual ones on each part of the window, however the Nevada range offers a specialised shaped shutter that you may require depending on your style of bay window. Bay shutters can help make the most of your bay window.

Gliding Track Shutters

Also not a style of shutter exclusively but an opening style option exclusive to the Nevada Range allows for a perfect gliding shutter on a track, could this be what you are looking for? These type of shutters are also an ideal option for larger windows and door openings such as bi-folding doors and patio doors! They can also be used as room dividers or wardrobe doors if your looking to do something different.

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Why Choose Shutters

  • Range of stunning Designs.
  • High Quality HS polyvinyl Options
  • reduce heat loss through windows by as much as 50%
  • Shield from unwanted outside noise
  • Easy to clean, usually just one wipe, or a quick dusting
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Authentic and Faux Wooden Options
  • Adapted to suit all window shapes
  • Privacy and light control
  • Range of Materials to suit all budgets
  • Premium shutters can genuinely add to the re-sale value and kerb appeal of your home
  • Suitable for both Modern and Period properties


Shutters Materials

A majority of  our window shutters are made from high quality HS polyvinyl as it is durable and waterproof and of course most suitable budget selection caters exactly to what everyone is looking for in faux wooden look and Vinyl shutters. However if an Authentic Wooden Shutter is what you are looking for our Claremont range of shutters could be exactly what you are looking for.

Claremont (Hardwood Shutters)

From top of the range Quality hardwood timber shutters to entry-level engineered wood shutters made with a engineered vinyl wrapped frame and panel combined with the new urban slat for better light control and privacy, there’s a shutter option for everyone!

Nevada & Hampton Polyvinyl (Faux Wood Shutters)

Taken from our Polyvinyl Range but designed to look like real wood, these are made from durable, hard and lightweight plastic that is affordable and can easily rival the look of their real wood counterparts.

Dakota (Engineered wood shutters)

Our entry level shutter option which offers you more design options and cheaper prices. Our Dakota Shutters combine beauty with durability, not to mention the easy maintenance. Take a look at our Dakota engineered wood range of shutters.


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