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ABOUT Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutters are a stylish and functional window treatment option, adding charm and character to any space. These shutters are custom-designed to fit the unique angles and curves of bay windows, providing both privacy and light control. With a variety of materials and finishes available, they complement diverse interior styles. Bay window shutters enhance energy efficiency by providing insulation, and their adjustable louvers offer flexibility in managing natural light. Easy to maintain and durable, these shutters elevate the aesthetic appeal of bay windows while offering practical benefits for a comfortable and inviting living environment.

Bay Window Shutters at a glance


Choose from various panel designs

Shutter room options


Enhance the look and value of your home inside and out.

Shutter Delivery 4


Vinyl option available for installation after 4 week delivery

Why choose our Bay Window Shutters?

Elevate your space with our Bay Window Shutters, the ultimate choice:

Versatility: Available in wood, composite, and Vinyl, with Vinyl options ready in just 4 weeks.

Custom Color: Our hardwood custom color service allows you to match shutters with your decor for a unique look.

Tailored design choice of full height, tier-on-tier, or cafe style, all custom-made to your specifications. 

Full Height Split tilt rod Window Shutters Halton

THe Finer Details

The finer details in choosing the right window shutters involves a nuanced consideration of materials, slat shapes, sizes, panel layouts, tilt rods, stile options, and frame choices.

For materials, polyvinyl offers durability and moisture resistance, wood exudes timeless elegance with customization options, and PVC stands out for cost-effectiveness and low maintenance.

Slat shape options like elliptical for versatility, urban for a modern touch, and solid for maximum privacy cater to diverse aesthetics. Select slat sizes (64mm to 114mm) based on window scale and preferred style.

Panel layouts vary from LL and RR (both left or right) to LR (one left, one right) and LTR (one left, one right, and one center). Tilt rod choices include central for tradition, offset for a modern look, and clearview/rack and pinion for an invisible tilt.

Stile options like astragal with classic molding and rabbet for simplicity add distinctive touches. Frame choices range from L frame (inside mount) for a neat look to Z frame (inside mount with an outer frame) for added prominence, and Deco frame (outside mount) for a bold, decorative finish.

Consider your style, room requirements, and architectural features to harmonize these elements for window shutters that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Shutter Materials

Choose your material

Polyvinyl, Wood or PVC


Slat shape

Elliptical or Urban or Solid

Louvre Slat Size

Slat Size

Slat size: 64, 76, 89 or 114mm

Stile options:

Astragal or rabbet

Inspiring Bay Window Shutters

Choosing between shutters and blinds

Shutters add to the aesthetic appeal of a space, creating a beautiful ambiance. However, the crucial question persists: are they the ideal choice for you? We conduct an in-depth comparison of shutters and blinds, offering insights from both angles to assist you in making a well-informed decision that aligns with your particular requirements.

Window Shutters for Bay

Are Bay Window shutters the right choice for me?

Our shutters can be made for almost any style of bay window and we’ll take care of the measuring and fitting. With many styles and finishes to choose from they could be a gorgeous feature of your home.
Are Bay Window shutters the perfect shutter choice for your needs?

4 - 12 Weeks Leadtimes*

Bespoke Shutters are crafted ready for installation.

Order Sooner Install Faster!

Don't delay, they could be on the way!

* Leadtimes Range Based on Model and Material Ordered – contact for details

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