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Faux wood shutters, often hailed as a practical alternative to traditional wood shutters, boast remarkable durability and versatility. Crafted from polyvinyal, these shutters emulate the appearance of real wood while offering distinct advantages. Their resilience against moisture, warping, and fading makes them an ideal choice for high-humidity environments such as bathrooms or kitchens.

These shutters are also relatively easier to maintain, requiring minimal upkeep compared to their wooden counterparts. With a range of customizable options in terms of colors, finishes, and slat sizes, faux wood shutters cater to diverse design preferences and seamlessly blend into various interior styles. Their cost-effectiveness without compromising on aesthetics or functionality makes them a popular choice for homeowners seeking long-lasting, visually appealing window treatments that stand the test of time.

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Vinyl shutters offer styles for every room in your home

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Vinyl option available for installation after 4 week delivery

Why choose our Fauxwood Shutters?

Transform your space with our Faux wood shutters, crafted from versatile uPVC, available in just 4 weeks. These shutters boast waterproof and moisture-resistant features, offering an array of styles to complement any home decor. Select from full height, tier-on-tier, cafe style, and even Perfect Fit options, all customized to your specifications. Enjoy a tailored design that precisely suits your preferences, bringing both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your living spaces.

THe Finer Details

The finer details in choosing the right window shutters involves a nuanced consideration of materials, slat shapes, sizes, panel layouts, tilt rods, stile options, and frame choices.

For materials, polyvinyl offers durability and moisture resistance, wood exudes timeless elegance with customization options, and PVC stands out for cost-effectiveness and low maintenance.

Slat shape options like elliptical for versatility, urban for a modern touch, and solid for maximum privacy cater to diverse aesthetics. Select slat sizes (64mm to 114mm) based on window scale and preferred style.

Panel layouts vary from LL and RR (both left or right) to LR (one left, one right) and LTR (one left, one right, and one center). Tilt rod choices include central for tradition, offset for a modern look, and clearview/rack and pinion for an invisible tilt.

Stile options like astragal with classic molding and rabbet for simplicity add distinctive touches. Frame choices range from L frame (inside mount) for a neat look to Z frame (inside mount with an outer frame) for added prominence, and Deco frame (outside mount) for a bold, decorative finish.

Consider your style, room requirements, and architectural features to harmonize these elements for window shutters that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Shutter Materials

Choose your material

Polyvinyl, Faux Wood or PVC


Slat shape

Elliptical or Urban or Solid

Louvre Slat Size

Slat Size

Slat size: 64, 76, 89 or 114mm

Stile options:

Astragal or rabbet

Inspiring FAUX WOOD Shutters

Choosing between shutters and blinds

Shutters add to the aesthetic appeal of a space, creating a beautiful ambiance. However, the crucial question persists: are they the ideal choice for you? We conduct an in-depth comparison of shutters and blinds, offering insights from both angles to assist you in making a well-informed decision that aligns with your particular requirements.

Perfect Fit PVC Vinyl shutters runcorn halton windows
Vinyl Shutters original white style black hinge

Are Vinyl Shutters the right choice for me?

Our shutters can be made for almost any style of bay window and we’ll take care of the measuring and fitting. With many styles and finishes to choose from they could be a gorgeous feature of your home.
Are Bay Window shutters the perfect shutter choice for your needs?

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