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Shutters Vs Blinds

What is the difference between Shutters and Blinds? Well, the main difference between shutters and blinds is the way they are fitted to the window. While blinds are attached to the inside of or above the window recess, shutters are attached over the window frame itself as a permanent structure.

Shutter blinds is a term often used by customers to describe both Shutters and Blinds. Confused 🤔 well let us try and explain the differences. Actually, there’s no such thing as ‘shutter blinds’, shutters are shutters and blinds are blinds which are both available in many different styles, colours, shapes etc. However, we often get people asking for shutter blinds! Perhaps it’s due to the horizontal louvers of window shutters looking very similar to the horizontal slats of Venetian blinds.

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These Window Shutters

This picture shows a shutter installation which is a full height shutter with a midrail, which allows you to operate the top and bottom sections independently of each other allowing greater flexibility for Controlling light and privacy. You can’t do this with a blind simply because when you operate the blind all Of the slats move to either the open or closed position or somewhere in between whatever you choose.


The term shutter blinds is a phrase used by many people who may like the look of shutters but perhaps don’t know that there is a difference between shutters and Venetian blinds. So the best way to explain this is probably that shutters are a more permanent fixture that will increase the value of your home like any home improvement should do but they also add many other benefits (which you can see on our shutters collection page). Shutters will also cost you a lot more to have installed, were as blinds are more of a semi-permanent fixture which will also add value to your home but are much cheaper in comparison.

For example a typical 100cm x 100cm window might cost anywhere between £250-£300 Plus depending on the type of shutter you choose and a venetian blind can cost as little as £80, so as you can see you could potentially get 3-4 windows with venetian blinds for the same cost as 1 window with a shutter.

The other reason sometimes people refer to shutters as shutter blinds is that they also could mean blinds that look similar to shutters, really meaning that they look like Venetian blinds which are similar in that they have a horizontal slat that goes across the window from one side to the other. Although there are lots of variations in slat sizes, colours and styles in a Venetian blind there is one that stands out which is a 63mm slat size which is the same size as a shutter slat and can have a very similar look at first glance but it is a blind.

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These Are Blinds

Venetian blinds can look very similar, using the same example here is also much cheaper than a shutter costing around £120 per window, so again you can see the big difference in cost.

Although after saying there is no such thing as a shutter blind if you are looking for the ultimate in window blinds and shutters and maybe you are looking for the option of being able to eliminate 99% of daylight giving you the ideal option for a great nights sleep, we can supply a blackout roller blind which can be fitted inside the shutter. So you could probably say there is such a thing as a shutter blind!


A common question people ask is “Do Shutters Make a Room Darker?!” Window Shutters do not make a room darker when open typically, but they can block more light when closed and offer more privacy depending on the Window Blind you are comparing them to.

So there you go, yes there are a lot of other things to when choosing Shutters Vs Blinds. All window coverings are not the same and some are just not suitable for certain windows or doors so if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail please give us a call or pop in to the showroom and we can help you choose the right product to suit your style and budget, whether that’s Shutters, Blinds or shutter-blinds!

We hope you found this information helpful and look forward to seeing you soon.



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